Club Palm Beach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How early can we arrive to set up?

A. We allow access to the venue 30 minutes before the start time.

Q. Can you bring your own drink?
A. You are welcome to provide drinks for Kids Parties 12 years & under. 

You or your guests are not permitted to bring any alcohol or other beverage onto the premises for any other event / function than an under 12’s kid’s party. The hirer will be charged £13.50 for any drinks found or confiscated.

At Teens parties you can purchase Jugs of Pepsi, Lemonade or Mocktails at the bar.

Q. How many people can we invite?
A. The capacity for the main room is approx 500 so you can invite as many guests as you like.  There is no restrictions on age either some younger children and family and friends are most welcome.

Q. Can I change the date of my booking?

A.  In the event of postponement  we will allow the hirer to change the date of a booking  to a Sunday (subject to availability).  A £50 charge will apply but the new date MUST be within 3 months of the original booking date. Any subsequent date changes will be at management discretion and will incur a £25 charge.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?

A. Yes, we do. If you decide to cancel the Event you will still be liable to pay the following charges:

Written Notice Received By Us (Working Days before the Event) % of Total Hire Costs Payable By You

  • More than 60            No charge above the non-refundable deposit paid
  • Between 30 – 59                                               50%
  • Between 15-29                                                    75%
  • Less than 14 days                                                100%

Please see terms and conditions of hire for full cancellation details and options.  All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

Q. Can we give the DJ a playlist?

A. We have a very versatile DJ who will play all genres of music and takes requests on the night, however if preferred, you may email a playlist of 10 songs to as this will give the DJ an idea of what you would like. But please do not be disappointed if all the songs on your list are not played on the night. 

Q. Do you supply invitations?
A. Our Kids and Children’s Disco package includes FREE invitations; however you do have the option to add invitations to your party booking via the booking form. If you would like personalised invitations created please contact us for a quote. Please note that Invitations may take 7 – 10 days to arrive.

Q. Do you do food?
A. We can supply a hot or cold buffet as well as Hotdogs. Our buffet starts at £3.50 per head. Alternatively you are welcome to bring your own food or use an external catering company.

Q. Is the building disabled friendly?
A. The building has full disabled access and disabled toilets.

Q. Is the public allowed in during a party or function?
A. No. The venue is exclusively yours during the period of hire. We ask that an adult monitors the doors at parties to prevent entry to anyone who is not permitted access. Alternatively for an additional charge you can appoint an employee or door supervisor to monitor the door.

Q. Can babies and younger children attend?

A. Yes of course, the venue is exclusively yours during the period of hire so all are welcome as we are licensed for children on the premises.

Q. Is the DJ covered in the price?
A. All party packages are inclusive with a DJ. There is no additional charge.

Q. Can I bring my own DJ?
A. Your more than welcome to bring your own DJ but any damages to equipment will be passed onto the hirer.

Q. Is there security or would someone need to be on the door?
A. We ask that a responsible adult preferably over the age of 25 is appointed to monitor the doors at parties to prevent entry to anyone who is not permitted access and to prevent guests of the party leaving the premises. Alternatively for an additional charge you can appoint an employee or SIA door supervisor to monitor the door.

Q. Is the bar open at a child's party for the adults?

A. Alcoholic drinks may be consumed by adults at children’s parties. We operate a strict Challenge 25 and No ID No Sale Policy. We also have Zero Tolerance to Underage Drinking. 

Q. Do we need to clean up after or do you do it?

A .The Hirer is responsible for clearing and sweeping the area of hire.   Duties include Clearing up all rubbish, cups & bottles from the Main room and toilets,  wiping down the sides and tables and scraping and sweeping the venue.  You will be required to bring your own bin bags but we can dispose of the rubbish for you.   A surcharge of £30 will be payable upon booking if you require cleaning to be completed by us.  If you decide to change your mind on the night the cleaning fee payable will be £45.

Q. Where can you park?

A. There is parking outside de Golden Lion pub alternatively there is a car park behind the kebab shops or behind the council offices.  Some customers also use the Castle Theater car park