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Frequently Asked Questions 


Teen Parties

If you child has been invited to a party at Palm Beach, you may find these FAQ’s useful.


Q. Are you not a nightclub?
A. NO. We stopped trading exclusively as a nightclub many years ago and are
NOT open EVERY Friday and Saturday Night to the general public.

Our venue is ONLY open now for private functions or events such as Kids Parties, Adult parties, Wedding Receptions, Family functions such as Christenings, Wakes, Baby Showers and community events such as Disability Discos, Under 18 Event Nights and the occasional Club Night.

Q. Are children supervised at your parties?

A. It is a requirement of all our party bookings that a responsible adult preferably over the age of 25 be present at all party bookings.  This is usually the parents / guardians who ultimately have responsibility of your child. 


We also request that the door be monitored and parents can choose to do this themselves or add an employee or SIA registered door supervisor to monitor the door at the time of booking.


As parents ourselves we take child safety seriously and will ALWAYS have our own staff working.  All staff are DBS checked and hold a vast amount of qualifications to ensure the maximum safety to children attending including First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Under Age Sales Prevention & much more.


Q. Can children leave the party?

A. NO, once they enter the party, they will not be allowed to leave the venue for ANY reason.  


We have an barriered area outside where children can get fresh air but they are not allowed to leave this area.  Should a child wish to leave and a member of staff or SIA Registered Door Supervisor is monitoring the door, we will always ask to speak directly with a parent on the phone so that we can explain if your child chooses to leave the venue, they will not be allowed to re-enter the venue should they return.

Q. Are drinks provided or will they need money?

A. We do not allow any drinks to be brought into the venue for Teens Parties.  You may therefore wish to send your child with money to purchase soft drinks at the bar.  The parents have an option to purchase jugs of fizzy Pop for the children attending should they wish to do so.

Q. I would like to book at party at Palm Beach.  How do I do that?

A.  You will find all the information you require and details on all our party packages on our website You can also check availability online, live chat to us and reserve a party online.

Q. Where can you park?

A. Parents usually drop off & collect in the lay-by directly outside the venue.  Our staff operate in the same way we do for Under 18's Events in that we will walk children to their cars where possible and check that it's mum / dad / aunty who has come to collect them.

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