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Frequently Asked Questions 


Under 18 Event Nights


If you child has asked to attend one of our U18’s Event nights, you may find these FAQ’s useful.


Q. Are you not a nightclub?
A. NO. We stopped trading exclusively as a nightclub many years ago and are NOT open EVERY Friday and Saturday Night to the general public.

Our venue is ONLY open now for private functions or events such as Kids Parties, Adult parties, Wedding Receptions, Family functions such as Christenings, Wakes, Baby Showers and community events such as Disability Discos, Under 18 Event Nights and the occasional Club Night. 

Q. Are the events safe and is there security staff there?
A. As parents ourselves we take child safety seriously, the Event is Supervised by both Staff & SIA Registered Door Supervisors.

We have been running under 18’s events very successfully for 11 years this coming April. 

We carry out all the necessary risk assessments, child protection and all safety aspects for each of our events.

We work very closely with Northamptonshire Police and Licensing Officer(s) to ensure all requirements are met for successful events. 

David Bryan whom is based at Wellingborough Police station and also Wellingborough’s venues licensing officer has praised us for work we do within the community for young people and how well and successfully we run our venue and manage our events.

Please refer to our parents’ guide and child protection policy for our under 18’s events which can be found on our website for your perusal.

Q. Are staff DBS checked?

A. All staff are DBS checked and hold a vast amount of qualifications to ensure the maximum safety to children attending including First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Under Age Sales Prevention, Drugs Awareness & much more.  


The majority of staff are also trained and have registered SIA Door Supervisor badges.  


Our Child Protection Officer is also a retired Youth Offending Officer.


Q. Can children leave the event?

A. NO, once they enter the event, they will not be allowed to leave the venue for ANY reason.  


We have an barriered area outside where children can get fresh air but they are not allowed to leave this area.  Should a child wish to leave a member of staff or SIA Registered Door Supervisor we will always ask to speak directly with a parent on the phone so that we can explain if your child chooses to leave the venue, they will not be allowed to re-enter the venue should they return. 


If a child wishes to run off, they will not be allowed to re-enter should they return and our staff will endeavour to speak to the person collecting them at the end of the night to advise them that their child ran off and was not at the event.

Q. Are there any fights?

A. We have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying of any kind whether it be physical or verbal at our events.  


Anyone found bullying or fighting at our event will be isolated, detained where possible so that parents can be contacted OR handed over to the police.  That person will then receive a 3 – 6 Month ban from the venue as advertised within the venue.  


We cannot stop fallouts, but we can take appropriate action to prevent fallouts such as having members of staff permanently positioned in the toilets and staff and door supervisor presence throughout the event and outside.

Q. What age children attend?
A. Although the event is advertised for ages 12 – 17.  From the many years of running these events we find that 17 year olds are ‘too cool’ to come to an under 18’s event and try their luck entering some of the pubs and clubs in the town centre.  

We get the occasional 16 year olds attend but the most popular ages are 13 – 15 years olds (Secondary school years 7 – 9)

Q. Why do you walk attendees to their cars at the end of the night and only allow them to leave with a parent / guardian?

A. We are parents ourselves and all parents like to ensure that their child gets home safely. 


We therefore go that extra mile in child safety and will not only walk attendees to the car (much to their horror) but we will also check that it’s mum / dad / aunty collecting them.  

We do the same with taxis and will double check who the taxi has come to collect and what address it has been booked for.  We also make it known inside the venue that anyone can ask any member of staff to use their phone to call parents / guardians.  They will never be refused.

Q. Is the bar open and what are the prices of drinks?

A. Yes it is.  The bar will be open for soft drinks ONLY as well as snacks such as sweets and chocolates.  All alcohol on the bar and in the fridges are covered up and out of sight.

We also have Zero Tolerance to Underage Drinking.  Drinks start from £1.50.

Q. What is your admission policy?

A. Please find a link to our admissions policy

Q. Can I buy a ticket online?

A. No sorry.  Our events are pay at the door only. You can RSVP to an event online to be kept up to date with upcoming events.

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