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U18's Admission Policy

Palm Beach Under 18’s Admission Policy

ALL OUR EVENTS ARE PAY ON THE DOOR.  Our events are extremely popular so please arrive early to avoid disapointment.


Here at Palm Beach, we take the safety of our customers very seriously.  We want the children that experience our events to have fun in a safe and controlled environment.


In order to provide this safe space, we have many different processes that we go through,  before, during and after the event.

  • This event is Strictly for Under 18's limited to children ages 12 - 17 who are in secondary school years 7 - 11.

  • Once you enter the event you will not be able to leave to go to the shops, mcdonalds etc, we have a designated supervised outdoor area where you can get fresh air, but if you wonder off outside that area even for a second, you will not be allowed back into the event and your parents will be informed where possible upon collection that you chose to you leave the event.


  • No Drinks or food are allowed to be brought into the venue.  This includes bottles of water.  Free drinking water in available on request from the bar.

  • Anyone found with Vapes will be reminded not to vape in the venue.  Anyone found to be vaping inside the venue will them confiscated and not returned. 

  • NO HOODS or ballies are allowed to be worn in the venue.

  • Heavy SIA Security and staff presence will be at all events.  

  • All Children will be asked for consent to be searched as a condition of Entry . NO SEARCH NO ENTRY.  Compulsory Bag searches will be carried out and pat downs for every customer wil be in operation. Security reserves the right to use Metal wands.

  • Breathalysers and Drug Dogs may be in operation.

  • Anyone attending our events who turns up intoxicated or believed to be under the influence of drugs will be refused entry and their parents/guardians will be called and the police may be informed.

  • Anyone found in possession of weapons will be refused entry and the police will be called.

Palm Beach Under 18 nights is an entertainment event which is only for persons who are aged

12 to 17 years old.  Children must be in Secondary School Years 7 and above.

By entering Club Palm Beach, you consent to being photographed or filmed and you consent

to resulting materials being used for commercial distribution, publication and Club Palm

Beach communications, without payment or copyright.

The Dress Policy at Palm Beach U18s Events is cool, funky and fresh. No hoods or ballies are to be worn

in the venue. PLEASE wear sensible shoes!

If the Door Supervisor believes that a person wishing to enter the club may have used

alcohol or an illegal substance, they will refuse entry to that person. The person will be

detained and parents contacted for collection. They will also be banned from our next

event. We reserve the right to use a breathalyser for entry.

Door Supervisors reserve the right to pat down and search any person who wishes to attend a

Palm Beach Teen Under 18’s event and will ALWAYS ask for consent.

If the Door Supervisor has cause to search any person at or wishing to gain entrance to any

Palm Beach Event and during such search discovers any drinks, food, cigarettes/vapes, alcohol, weapon or illegal

substance these will be confiscated.  We accept no liability for the loss of any such items such as vapes.

Palm Beach events are extremely popular and as such we will refuse entry to customers

when we reach maximum capacity.

All person(s) will not be permitted to re-enter the building once leaving.  If a person(s) decides to leave and returns at the end of the night, parents / guardians will be notified upon collection that they chose to leave the event.

In all cases were a person is refused entry to or asked to leave a Palm Beach Event, we will

take all reasonable steps to ensure that any such person will be supervised by the staff at

the venue until their parents, guardians, carers and/or local authority are telephoned and

arrive to collect them.

We simply want to provide you with the ultimate experience, so please report your loss

property and we will do our best to reunite you with your property. Please note all

customers are responsible for their belongings when attending an event. Club Palm Beach

does not accept any responsibility for any personal property brought to the club. Club Palm

Beach does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to property deposited in its

cloakroom. Club Palm Beach will not accept any liability for the loss of jewellery, other

valuable or money contained within a deposited item(s). We would ask that all customers

report immediately to the manager any missing item(s) which has been deposited within

the cloakroom and provide a valid cloakroom ticket. The company will not accept any

liability for any item(s) as a result of a lost ticket. Lost property items are kept for 14 days.



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